What's New

  • The Bureau of Economic Research has released its 2015 Economic Forecast. It is available in pdf form.
  • The Bureau of Economic Research has released is 2015:1 Arvest Consumer Sentiment Survey Summary and Results.
  • The Bureau of Economic Research has conducted a study on the economic impact that removal of the Universal Service Fund will have in Missouri.
  • The Bureau of Economic Research has partnered with the Missouri Council on Economic Education to form the Center for Economic Education (CEE) to serve Southwest Missouri. This new center is housed within the Bureau of Economic Research and is an extension of the Bureau's objectives to disseminate information. The CEE promotes economic and financial education in schools via teacher workshops, grant funded activities, and seminars.
  • Powerpoint slides from the Bureau's presentation on the economy to the Rotary Club
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis of the Missouri Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program is now available at the Bureau's Publications link

Email Distribution List

If you would like to be added to the Bureau of Economic Research's email distribution list, please email Dr. Mitchell at davidmitchell@missouristate.edu.

Tracking the Missouri Economy since 1971

The Bureau of Economic Research, housed within the Finance, Economics and Risk Management Department at Missouri State University, serves as a clearinghouse for data and publications on economic conditions within the region, state, and nation. In addition our staff has a wide variety of experience and is able to provide consulting services, produce detailed GIS maps, economic and industry forecasts, and other relevant reports on a per fee basis.

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