2013 Economic Forecast

The 2013 Economic Forecast in word and powerpoint (*Requires Microsoft PowerPoint)

(The 2013 Economic Forecast was generated in late December and early January of 2013 because of the uncertainity of the fiscal cliff.  Due to the fluid nature of the economy we will update the 2013 forecast if economic conditions begin to deviate from their predicted values.  Should an updated forecast become necessary, we will notify clients via email.  If you would like to be added to the email notification list, please send an request to me at  davidmitchell@missouristate.edu The Bureau of Economic Research respects your privacy and will not give out or sell your email address.)

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Additional Forecasts

Additional economic forecasts for cities, regions, or specific industries are available for a nominal fee.  Please contact David Mitchell at davidmitchell@missouristate.edu for more information.